Shortday bulbing onion. Single centered. Round spheroid in shape. Medim to large size. Brown outer scales, white flesh.  Early  thick necks disappear with onset of bulb maturity. A strong robust grower which copes well with heat after sowing. 580 000p/ha (3-4kg/ha). Good tolerance against Rust and Alternaria. Well proven throughout South Africa. Exclusive.


Shortday bulbing onion. Almost round shape. Very uniform medium sized bulbs with good brown scales. Good storage for a shortday cultivar. Some tolerance against Rust & Alternaria. 550 000 p/ha (3-4kg/ha). Exclusive.

Also Available.

Texas Grano and Red Creole

Kyoto Market

Early, vigorous heavy yielding bunching (spring) onion. White shank 20-25cm long. Preferably winter or cool season productions.


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